In Chandigarh, a large number of furniture has an inventory number stencilled in white. These numbers preferably positioned at the back of the furniture or on one side allowed their location and identification. These markings were entered in a register kept and maintained in the secretariat of the various administrations. It should be noted that many furniture markings are difficult to interpret today as they were made by cabinetmakers in workshops according to the orders and their destination with personal criteria or "anarchic". We notice also that some displaced furniture might show several inventory numbers. These numbers were not however systematic and many have erased with time. The furniture which garnished private houses in Chandigarh didn't have any markings.

We present below some markings decrypted.


Chandigarh House / Le Corbusier Center / Chair n°9


Chandigarh House / Le Corbusier Center / Table n°5


Chandigarh House / Le Corbusier Center / Rack n°1


Penjab Secretariat Administration / Divan n°16


Penjab Secretariat Administration / Office Table n°48


Penjab Secretariat Administration / Screen n°23


Penjab Secretariat Administration / Chair n° 1145


Penjab Secretariat Administration / Chair n° 009


Penjab Secretariat Administration / Rack n° 03

U.PHY. 89.

University of Physics n°89


High Court Table n°02


High Court Room 12 / Chair n°12

H.C. 29/27

High Court Room 29 n°27

M.L.A (H)

Members Legislative Assembly Hostel

Cabinetmaker marking according to its criteria