Iron indoor lamp



Sheet-metal wall lamp called “LC III” with blue-grey lacquer outside and white lacquer inside, “basin”-type shade in sheet metal with an interior aluminium reflector. Two mounting wall tabs at right angles. Powered by electricity by two lamps.

Circa 1954-55. Dimensions: Height: 6.10 in / 15,5 cm. Widht : 12.99 in / 33 cm. Depth : 5.04 in / 12,8 cm. (+/-).

Provenance: Private homes in Chandigarh.

Note : This wall fixture was also used for the Spinner’s Palace (1955), for Villa Shodan and Villa Sarabhai (1955) in Ahmedabad.

We also found it in France, made by Guilux house in Paris.

Photo Ref.: Catalogue Phillips, similar model with green lacquer, sale on 16/06/2013 in New York. Sold for $23750 / €17973.

Photo Ref.: Catalogue Leclere, similar model with red lacquer, sale on 22/09/2014 in Marseille, lot no. 7, pages 12 and 13. Sold for €16983.

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