Teak lounge table



Lounge table known as "coffee table" in solid teak black lacquered. Rectangular top made out of a glass slab, fitting into a runner and resting on a central rail. Pair of "compass" type side legs supporting the body with an open compartment.

The black lacquered Chandigarh furniture was designed as a protective measure and for easier cleaning. It was therefore found in cafeterias and university restaurants, as well as medical and hospital centres.

Circa: 1960.


  • Height: 15.3 in / 39 cm.
  • Length: 46.9 in / 119 cm.
  • Width: 17.7 in / 45 cm. (+/-).

Provenance: University Healthcare Center in Chandigarh, sector 14.

Photo ref.: Similar model in "Le Corbusier Pierre Jeanneret l'Aventure Indienne" by Eric Touchaleaume and Gérald Moreau, page 589 under reference: PJ-TB-05-B.

Photo ref.: Similar model in "Chandigarh, Pierre Jeanneret" by François Laffanour - Laffanour Galerie Downtown, Paris, 2015, page 77.

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