Teak desk.



Solid teak director’s table. Rectangular top with a cedar frame covered in black leather and inserted into a solid teak frame. Three pairs of high “compass”-type legs affixed under the table top. A high crosspiece and a suspended chest on the right containing two drawers. Round, hollowed-out opening grips on an aluminium background, typical of the work of Pierre JEANNERET in Chandigarh.

Cedar, a soft, local wood, allows the leather to be fixed by tacking, unlike teak, which is a dense wood and therefore too hard for the purpose.

Circa 1960. Dimensions: Height: 28.15 in / 71,5 cm. Length: 53.94 in / 137 cm. Depth: 26.97 in / 68,5 cm. (+/-).

Provenance: Administrative buildings in Chandigarh, sector 1.

Note : This desk could also be covered with moleskin.

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