Teak armchair



Judge's chair in solid teak and cotton fabric. Slightly tilting backrest, seat and armrests covered in anthracite grey cotton cloth. "Bridge"-type side leg assembly in teak with slanting, profiled flat legs, supporting detached armrests with stuffed "roll"-type pads. Front crosspiece and back crosspiece for support under the seat.

Circa 1955-56.


  • Height: 48.82 in / 124 cm.
  • Length: 27.95 in / 71 cm.
  • Depth: 28.35 in / 72 cm. (+/-).

Provenance: High Court in Chandigarh, sector 1.

Reference: Similar examples at the City Museum in Chandigarh, sector 10.

Note : This armchair also existed covered with leather or moleskin.

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