Teak sofa



Sofa in solid teak and cotton cloth. Backrest, seat and armrests slightly tilted and covered in anthracite grey cotton cloth.

Double “X” leg assembly forming armrests at the top and connected by two central crosspieces under the seat. Detached, padded “roll”-type armrests.

Circa 1960.


  • Height: 33.8 in / 86 cm.
  • Length: 65.3 in / 166 cm.
  • Depth: 33.8 in / 86 cm. (+/-).

Provenance: Executives offices in administrative buildings in Chandigarh, sector 1.

Note : This sofa also existed covered with moleskin.

Photo ref.: Similar model in "Le Corbusier Pierre Jeanneret l'Aventure Indienne" by Eric Touchaleaume and Gérald Moreau, page 568 under reference: PJ-SI-48-A.

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